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Our Core Values

Academic Excellence

Through the use of dynamic teaching techniques and expert facilitation, our school cultivates independent learners who consistently exceed the expectations of the core curriculum and achieve recognition at national and international levels.....Read More

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Self-Paced Classrooms
Our Core Values

Fostering Values

Values education is a vital component of SOS. Effective character and values education at SOS employs the Head, Heart, and Hands approach, enabling students to assess their behaviour and create strategies for responsible actions. School of Scholars' curriculum features activities such as debates, group projects, presentations, and artistic expressions....Read More

Our Core Values

Overall Development

The school has demonstrated a deep commitment to elevating its educational standards, resulting in impressive progress over time. By investing substantially in innovative equipment and technology, and by hiring some of the most talented faculty, they have raised the bar for academic excellence....... Read More


Safety First

At the school, students and teachers can rely on safe and dependable transportation services. The vehicles are well-maintained, equipped with GPS trackers, and driven by experienced drivers with verified backgrounds. Additionally, CCTV cameras are installed across the campus to monitor safety.


Certified Teachers

The school's certified teachers are well-trained and equipped with the latest trends in education and technology. Their efficiency and effectiveness are geared towards ensuring that every single child is reached and catered for.


Clean & Healthy Environment

The school boasts a sprawling campus and an aesthetically pleasing building with state-of-the-art infrastructure, such as safe drinking water, well-maintained washrooms, regular pest control, a sick room with an attendant, and other essential first-aid amenities.


Academic Performance and Individual attention

At SOS, we leave no stone unturned in providing quality education and individual attention to all students. Through doubt-clearing sessions, remedial classes, and coaching for high achievers, we give students an edge. Our robust monitoring system tracks progress and takes timely action, resulting in a maximum number of students achieving higher grades.


Creative Activities

Creative activities at SOS help students to discover their natural curiosity and embark on their own journey of exploration, discovery, and development. Drama, story-telling, speeches, dance, art & craft, computer-aided learning, and other activities synthesize information and bring joy to the educational experience.


Global Student Exchange Programme( Global Outlook)

SOS's international partnerships allow students to experience new cultures and education systems, building empathy and effective communication. Collaborating with schools in the Netherlands and Guatemala creates opportunities for experiential learning and personal development beyond the classroom.


Holistic Development

Well-oven curriculum at SOS engages the head, hands and heart of the student that fosters inquiry and develops intuition making mind, body connections and ensuring physical, emotional, and intellectual development.


Extensive Sports Programs

Sports program at SOS by Skilled and caring coaches excels in training and preparing students for various competitions inculcating true sportsmanship. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to discover and develop their physical potential through a balanced and progressive programme of physical activities. The multiple sport facilities like skating rink, huge playground, swimming pool, etc and the extra efforts taken by the teaching fraternity to help students to balance their sports practices and academic goals makes the sports environment enriching.


Parent Connect

We believe that building a positive relationship between parents, teachers and school management improves the academic achievements and social-emotional well-being of students. Regular parent feedback is vital and a critical tool utilized at SOS to assist in improving the child’s performance.


Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a prerequisite for achieving academic and professional success. The course curriculum at SOS employs the scientific approach of CRAFT (critical reading, analysis, and fact-checking), which incorporates stimulating activities and experiments to promote critical thinking within and beyond the classroom.


Blended Learning

At SOS, students can experience blended learning by accessing interactive online content, participating in classroom discussions, and receiving teacher-led instruction, all while enhancing their digital literacy and self-directed learning skills.


Students Development Programme

With an emphasis on discovering students' innate potential and fostering their leadership skills, the SDP offers a diverse range of expert-led webinars, lectures, demonstrations, and workshops that enable them to acquire numerous real-world skills.

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