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About School of Scholars, Akola Kaulkhed

School of Scholars (SOS) Kaulkhed, Akola is an integral part of the Meghe Group of Institutions (MGS). Its main focus is to provide a platform to students which provides them with exceptional education and give them outstanding opportunities. With 20 schools in the State, the SOS group is responsible for lighting the light of education in the hearts of over 20,000 students. With its intense hard work and try for perfection in the last 17 years SOS Akola Kaulkhed has made a name for itself as the ‘Best School of Akola’.

Their aim is to not only educate children, but sharpen their minds so that they have bright futures and stable careers. They do this by giving full attention to academics and equal importance to co-curricular activities. They know and realise that the balance of all of this is important for the overall development of the students.

Vision,Mission & Objectives

"To provide quality education for developing
multi-dimensional outlook in students and make them better global citizens."

"Creating congenial learning environment encompassing scholastic and co-scholastic activities to enable students sustain in the modern competitive world.

Nurturing and equipping students to broaden their horizons and make them socially aware, emotionally stable, and morally strong individuals of the global society."

* To develop high standard of learning experience by providing congenial environment in online school and physical school.
* To develop various skills and values for 21st century through scholastic and co-scholastic activities.
* To connect students to National and International level through online facilities.